STN's editing philosophy includes:

  • Eliminating stutters, false starts, "um" and "you know";  as well as obvious insider comments (like "is this mic working..." or "this passage can be found on page 742 of the pew Bible...").
  • Capitalizing all pronouns and substitute titles referring to God and Christ for clarity (He, His, Shepherd, Priest, etc.).  We realize this is not the standard practice in the publishing world today but prefer the clarity this offers readers; if you do not want this feature, please let us know.
  • Correcting grammar, such as verb-tense usage, switching from singular to plural within the same thought, etc.
  • Applying proper punctuation.
  • Completing sentences by rearranging your words when appropriate, not by making up the ending.

NOTE:  Editing does not apply to clear verbatim transcripts with the exception of leaving out pause words (um, ah, you know, etc.).

B.  Standard Edited Package

Each transcript includes the bullet points to the right plus the following services:

  • Formatting the text with sermon outline points and sub-points where appropriate.
  • Editing the copy for readability while respectfully handling the content of your message (see our Editing Philosophy to the right).
  • Proofreading by a second person who also listens to the audio file for accuracy.
  • For standing orders, automatically downloading your sermons from your website weekly (or you can use our DropBox account).
  • For standing orders, returning the text to you via e-mail within four business days in your choice of a .pdf or Word file.

A. Clear Verbatim Package (unedited) 

Your transcript will represent your sermon as spoken using "clear verbatim" procedures.  This means we will only eliminate pause words (um, ah, you know, etc.), clean up stutters and false starts.  The sample available at the link above shows a brief  side-by-side comparison for the same text.  The left column is prepared in the clear verbatim style;  the right column is the same content from the same sermon with our "light editing"  applied. 

This includes a second person listening and proofreading for accuracy.  Your transcript  will also include:

  • Verifying the Word of God is accurately quoted, copying directly from the version of your choice.
  • Formatting quoted Scripture in a different font to make it stand out.
  • A custom header with your logo, sermon title, Scripture reference, speaker's name and date.

Sermon Transcribersoffers four levels of service.

Click  on package title for a transcript sample. 

  • Affordable pricing is based on actual recorded audio minutes so you know the cost upfront.
  • Contact us for pricing and personalized quotes.

C.  Enhanced Edited Package​

Includes everything in the previous packages, plus:

  • Proofreading by a second person who also listens to the audio file for accuracy, followed by a third person who pays attention to the editing and readability without listening to the audio.
  • Hyperlinks to all quoted Scripture from the translation of your choice.  This gives the reader access to the expanded context and other study tools depending on the selected site.
  • Additional hyperlinks relating to difficult theological terms or biblical data such as people and places. 
  • For standing orders, returning the text to you within three business days in your choice of a .pdf or Word file.

Accurately Handling the Word



D.  Premier Edited Package

Includes everything in the previous packages, plus:

  • Hyperlinks to quoted authors and speakers, often including biographical sketches (example, a quote from Charles Spurgeon would be linked to an official website for further study).
  • Hyperlinks for quoted music lyrics for complete words, often with biographical sketches of the hymn writer.
  • Hyperlinks to other referenced data such as historical events, locations and more.
  • For standing orders, returning the text to you within three business days.